A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Host Family

The Process to host an au pair with our agency

Becoming a host family in Australia presents a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a cultural exchange while benefiting from childcare assistance. With us making the process streamlined, families can easily open their homes to international young adults. This guide will navigate you through the steps to become a host family with our au pair agency.

1. Assess Your Needs

Before embarking on the process, evaluate why you need an au pair.

  Is it for childcare assistance due to work commitments?

  Do you want your children to be exposed to another language or culture?

  Are you comfortable providing room and board in exchange for childcare and light household duties

  Reflect on your family’s willingness to integrate a new member and share Australian customs, while also learning from another culture.

2.Understand the Commitment

  Being a host family involves:

  Providing a private room and meals.

  Adhering to a work schedule that respects the au pair’s time off and educational pursuits.

  Integrating the au pair as part of your family.

  Providing a private bedroom, adhering to working hour limitations, and offering support for the au pair’s cultural and educational pursuits.

3. Initiate the Application Process

  Complete the host family application form on our website.

  Provide details about your family, lifestyle, and the kind of assistance you require.

4. Consultation

  A consultation or interview will be set up with a team member from Au pair Australia.

  Discuss your expectations, address queries, and understand the agency’s support structure.

6. Review Au pair Profiles

  Post-approval, our agency will share profiles of au pairs that align with your family’s requirements.

  These candidates are pre-screened, ensuring a basic level of compatibility.

7. Interview Potential Au Pairs

  Set up video calls or in-person interviews with selected candidates.

  Discuss your expectations, family dynamics, and gauge mutual compatibility. This helps both parties gauge compatibility and set clear expectations.

8. Match and Finalize

  Once you find the right fit, Our au pair agency will assist with finalizing the match.

  Both parties will sign an agreement outlining roles, responsibilities, and terms of stay.

9. Prepare for Arrival

  Ready the designated bedroom with necessary amenities. Ensure the au pair’s room is comfortable and adequately equipped

  Create a welcome pack with essentials about your home, emergency contacts, and local highlights.

  Make any necessary safety modifications, especially if they’ll be looking after very young children.

10. Welcome Your Au Pair

  Upon the au pair’s arrival, provide a warm welcome. Give a comprehensive orientation.

  Familiarize them with house rules, daily routines, and introduce them to your community.

11. Maintain Open Communication

  Regular check-ins are essential, especially during the initial days.

  Discuss schedules, expectations, or any issues that may arise.

  Ensure they’re integrating well, both within your family and the broader community.

  Use these discussions to gauge comfort levels, address concerns, and recalibrate expectations if needed.

12. Engage in Cultural Exchange

  Encourage them to enroll in language courses or other educational pursuits.

  Assist them in exploring Australian culture, be it local festivals, places of interest, or community events.

  Encourage your au pair to share their traditions and participate in local Australian festivities.

  Support their efforts to learn, explore, and be a part of community events.

13. Stay Connected with Oz Au pair Australia

  Utilize the agency’s continuous support, be it for mediation, understanding regulations, or seeking advice on enhancing the experience.


Choosing to become a host family with Oz Au pair Australia ensures a structured, supportive, and enriching journey. By taking the time to understand, select, and integrate an au pair into your family, you are not just getting childcare assistance; you’re broadening your family’s global perspective, one shared story at a time.