To Work Overseas

Application for Au-Pairs

The visa to work here is not given to Au pairs with some nationalities:

Home Telephone: Required for the interview:

Personal details

Placement details

We have families in Canada, France, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany.Please remember that choosing only one country reduces your options.

Do you accept families from any country?

Your pictures go here, for a family to see your very best :)! Use nice photos to show the family what you look like. Choose pictures that are friendly and show your very best smile. If possible, use photos of you interacting with children. Maybe a photo of you ‘in action’ showing your favourite sport or hobby!

*Please use Ctrl or shift to attach more than one photo

Childcare experience “the most important part”

You will need a minimum of 150 hours of childcare experience (with non family members) to be considered for this program:

  • List all your relevant childcare experience
  • Enter each experience entry individually
  • Make sure the details (dates, ages of children) match the details provided by your referees

Childcare Experience 1

Childcare Experience 2

Most families have a baby in their family, Do you accept caring a baby if the mum gives you training for some weeks? (leave the box unchecked means not accepting)

Please detail your experience with babies:

Copy and Paste your Curriculum

More details

Provide 2 references- someone whose children you have cared for
References should be from jobs related to children, paid or voluntary, it can be babysitting We can’t proceed your application if you don’t provide the next information:

It is the Au pair who pays her flight, hosting families will not pay for your flight