Our screening process

The screening process for au pairs

Our Au pair agency aims to ensure that both host families and au pairs have a safe and rewarding experience. As such, the screening process for au pairs is designed to assess their suitability for the role, ensure the safety of the host family, and match the right au pair with the right family. While the specifics might vary while working with different agencies overseas, here’s a general overview of our screening process for au pairs in Australia:

  1. Application Submission:
    • Au pairs fill out a detailed application form where they provide personal details, past experiences, qualifications, and motivations for becoming an au pair in Australia.
  2. Interviews:
    • Our partner agencies conduct one or more interviews with potential au pairs. These interviews assess their suitability, childcare experience, understanding of the role, and their reasons for wanting to be an au pair in Australia.
  3. Reference Checks:
    • Au pairs are required to provide references, especially related to their previous childcare experiences. Our agency usually contacts these references to verify the au pair’s abilities, character, and reliability.
  4. Criminal Background Check:
    • An essential step in the process is conducting a police or criminal background check to ensure the safety of the host family.
  5. Medical Examination:
    • Our agency also requires au pairs to undergo a medical examination to ensure they are fit for the role and don’t have any medical conditions that could interfere with their duties.
  6. Verification of Childcare Experience:
    • Our agency will verify the au pair’s claimed childcare experiences. This can be through certificates, reference checks, or other documentation.
  7. Training and Orientation:
    • Once an au pair is accepted into the program, some partner agencies provide them with training or orientation. This can include basic childcare practices, emergency procedures, cultural orientation about Australia, and understanding the expectations of their role.
  8. Matching Process:
    • Once the au pair has been thoroughly screened, our au pair agency will proceed to match them with suitable host families. This involves assessing the needs and preferences of both the family and the au pair.
  9. Visa Assistance:
    • Our agency might provide guidance on obtaining the appropriate visa for Australia. This doesn’t mean they process the visa but rather give information and support.
  10. Ongoing Support:
  • Even after the placement, we offer ongoing support to both au pairs and host families. We may conduct periodic check-ins, offer conflict resolution if needed, and provide resources or local contacts for the au pair.

It’s worth noting that while many au pair agencies in Australia follow a rigorous screening process, standards can vary. Families looking to host an au pair should choose a reputable agency and be clear about their own expectations and requirements.