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Au Pair in the Netherlands (Holland) – The Dutch also referred to as Netherlanders share a common culture and speak the Dutch language. The Dutch people are very open and direct with people and expect the same in return. Often many tourists misunderstand them because they mistake there directness with being rude.

The Netherlands is a very small country a large part of the country is situated below sea level. This country is one of the go- to-places for young people with lots of fun and exciting things to do. Dance music is a big deal in Amsterdam, and the dance festival season goes from the very first day of summer till the end of Autumn. Many of the top name festivals happen in Amsterdam with world famous DJ’s performing centre stage.

Living there

The Netherlands is famous for many things, they attract millions of tourists each year. Some of the things they are known for are tulips, clogs and windmills.
The Dutch have a strong educational system. In the Netherlands the education system demands children must attend school at a very young age. With this system it is important to enrol kids early otherwise they will be put on a waiting list or worst case scerorio a child will not be able to attend their preferred school.
As an au pair you will have so much to see and you will get to experience what it’s like living life the Dutch way. To au pair program in the Netherlands invites nannies from all over the world and provides the opportunity for nannies to meet and make life-long friends. During your time as an au pair you will be able to have time to meet up with other au pairs and explore more what the Netherlands has to offer during the weekends.
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As an au pair in the Netherlands, you’ll receive:

  • Placement with a carefully screened host family
  • A private room and full board
  • A stipend of at least 300- 340 Euros per month
  • Up to four weeks of vacation, depending on your program’s length
  • At least one and a half consecutive days off per week (and at least one Sunday per month will be free)
  • Transportation card or the possibility to use the family car
  • ISE card – International Student & Youth Exchange Identification Card
  • Pre-departure packet, including program guide, Au pair World notebook
  • Arrival packet with logistical information and contact info for other au pairs in your area
  • Monthly gatherings

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The Au pair program in The Netherlands usually costs $600 AUD, but we have a promotion during this month: If you register and send your application this month your placement fee is only :

$500 !

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Program Length

Most families seek an au pair for 10 to 12 months, but placements of six to nine months may also be available.

Program Dates

We can match au pairs with host families throughout the year

Application Deadlines

We are currently accepting applications for au pair programs beginning next year

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To be an au pair in the Netherlands, you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen between the ages of 18 and 26 and non smoker
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Have previous child care or babysitting experience and a genuine love of children
  • Be able to commit to a placement for at least six months
  • Meet the visa requirements
  • Complete a successful interview with an Au pair World staff member
  • Possess the physical and mental capacity and dedication to carry out the responsibilities of the program without interruption
  • Provide a clear criminal background check

Au pair World reserves the right to refuse acceptance to an applicant who we believe to be unsuitable for our programs for any reason.

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