Au Pair Abroad Germany

Germany is a vibrant country that mixes Old World charm with modern sensibilities. We provide opportunities to be an au pair in Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and other locations throughout the country. Working as an au pair, you’ll have the opportunity improve your language skills and cultural awareness while exploring Germany and beyond.

Following an optional month of German language classes (see below) in your host family’s area, you will provide a maximum of 30 hours per week of child care and light household chores for the family. You will have a private room in the family’s home and all meals will be provided. Your host family will also provide a monthly stipend (at least 260 euros per month) and reimburse you for the cost of German language courses on a monthly pro-rated basis (if applicable). For programs of 10 to 12 months, host families will provide flight reimbursement up to 800 euros after completion of the agreed program. Placements are available across Germany in and around cities such as Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Bonn, as well as rural areas. Applicants are encouraged to indicate their preferences though locations cannot be guaranteed.

Au pairs can be extremely busy and must be flexible, but are also to be thought of as a member of the family and treated as such. Paid vacation (up to four weeks, depending on program duration) is provided but when with the family, au pairs should be ready to demonstrate hard work, flexibility and initiative. Child care experience and a professional, cordial demeanor are essential.

Language Classes

Regardless of German language proficiency, all au pairs are encouraged to take advantage of one month’s worth of German language classes at the beginning of their program. The cost of language classes (approximately 500 to 600 euros) will be reimbursed by your host family on a monthly basis in addition to your monthly stipend. This is a great way to get used to your surroundings before starting the full au pair duties and to boost your language level up a notch. During the language class you can begin getting to know your host family and will be expected to provide approximately 15 hours of English tutoring for their children (help with homework, reading, creative English activities, conversation, etc). You will not receive a stipend during this first month but will still enjoy free accommodation and meals, and will be able to meet other students while taking classes. For those who prefer not to take the language class, you must be able to prove upon applying for your visa that you have already achieved a basic grasp of German.

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As an au pair in Germany, you’ll receive:

  • Placement with a carefully screened host family
  • A private room and full board
  • A stipend of at least 260 Euros per month
  • Up to four weeks of vacation, depending on your program’s length
  • At least one and a half consecutive days off per week (and at least one Sunday per month will be free)
  • Transportation card or the possibility to use the family car
  • ISE card – International Student & Youth Exchange Identification Card
  • Pre-departure packet, Au Pair World notebook, tips and more
  • Arrival packet with logistical information and contact info for other au pairs in your area
  • Monthly gatherings (for participants close to Cologne)

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The Au pair program in Germany usually costs $600 AUD, but we have a promotion during this month: If you register and send your application this month your placement fee is only :

$500 !

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Program Length

Most families seek an au pair for 10 to 12 months, but placements of six to nine months may also be available.

Program Dates

We can match au pairs with host families throughout the year, but the best time to start is in the late summer or early fall (August/September). This is when there is the highest demand among families.

Application Deadlines

We are currently accepting applications for au pair programs beginning next year

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To be an au pair in Germany, you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen between the ages of 18 and 26 and non smoker
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Have previous child care or babysitting experience and a genuine love of children
  • Be able to commit to a placement for at least six months
  • Meet the visa requirements for Germany
  • Applicants must either provide proof that they have already achieved a basic grasp of German or must register for at least one month’s worth of German classes at the beginning of their program
  • Complete a successful interview with an Au Pair World staff member
  • Possess the physical and mental capacity and dedication to carry out the responsibilities of the program without interruption
  • Provide a clear criminal background check

Au Pair World reserves the right to refuse acceptance to an applicant who we believe to be unsuitable for our programs for any reason.

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