Host Family

Hosting an Au pair

Host family Expectations

Nanny Australia establishes with you the selection criteria and introduces you to young Au pairs who correspond best to your needs and expectations.

Au pair profiles
Our Au pairs are young women or men between 18 and 25 years old, wanting to discover your culture.
They speak English.
They are in good health.
They are non-smokers or at least capable of not smoking with the children around.2
They respect your lifestyle and habits.

The obligations of an Au pair 
An Au pair :
Works 25-45 hours a week,
Takes care of your children at home: meals, naps, bath time, playtime, etc,
Takes your children to school and their outside activities,
Baby-sits for you once or twice a week,
Helps with the everyday running of your home and simple household chores.

Your obligations
In return, you undertake to :
Provide a private bedroom (the Au pair may share the bathroom with the kids),
Provide all meals,
Give between $180- $270 pocket money a week, payable at the end of each week,

If the Au pair needs to drive the children to school: provide use of a car. You have to pay the insurance (all risks).
In order to help your Au pair to adapt quickly to your family life, we recommend that you provide a written timetable on his/her arrival, setting out what you expect of him/her.
May we remind you that the Au pair placement is a cultural exchange program and not at all an employment contract. During his/her stay, you have to consider the Au pair as a family member. You may therefore offer some perks, such as bus or rail pass, etc.

Free time
You will give your Au pair :
– one or two days off a week, at the weekend if possible, with at least one Sunday a month for worship,
– enough free time for his/her English lessons and his/her leisure activities,
– One week paid holiday after 6 continuous months with the family. (Our Solution)