The Secrets of How to Be A Great Nanny

Responsibilities as a Nanny

This first set of tips will outline what your responsibilities are as a Nanny.

  1. Love Kids To be a good Nanny, you have to love kids. Children are smart. They’ll know whether you like them or not. Parents will watch you closely as well to make sure you’re going to love their child.
  2. Maturity and Self Confidence It’s important to be mature when you’re babysitting. Be sure of yourself, and calm at all times. Self confidence will play a big role in how the children and parents react to you.
  3. Treat it Like a Business Parents will respect you more if you treat your babysitting jobs like a business. Make sure you and the parents are clear on the wage that you expect. Tell them your plans for caring for their children.
  4. Be Adaptable Chances are, you’ll be babysitting for a variety of different families. They will have different routines, rules, and beliefs. You need to be able to adapt, and fit in with the family’s usual pattern or routines.
  5. Stay Calm It’s important to stay calm, even in stressful situations. If you panic, the kids will too. It’s a good idea to review safety tips before each babysitting job, to prepare for any emergency situations, just in case.
  6. Learn CPR It’s a great idea to learn CPR. You can usually certify for free at your local Red Cross. Being certified will also look really great on your resume.

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