A nanny is typically a professional child caregiver, often with formal training, and may live in or out of the family's home. An au pair is usually a young person seeking a cultural exchange experience and is not necessarily a professional caregiver

Main duties often include taking care of children, preparing meals for them, doing their laundry, helping with homework, and occasionally performing light household chores.

This depends on the country, but in many places, au pairs are limited to working 25-40 hours per week.

We have a rigorous selection process, including background checks, interviews, and evaluations of the candidate's childcare experience.

The duration can vary, but typical placements are often for a year.

We provide orientation, a local representative for ongoing support, and resources to mediate and resolve any issues.

Families usually get access to profiles of potential au pairs to review, and they can then conduct interviews to find the best match.

We have a process in place to mediate issues, and if necessary, to rematch au pairs with different families.

Au pairs primarily assist with childcare. They might also handle light household duties related to the children, like cleaning up after them or preparing their meals.

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