More quality of life with AuPairWorld

Having a live-in au pair from Europe, Canada or USA  generously improves your quality of life. It allows for a dedicated live-in companion with whom your child can bond and build a strong personal relationship. It affords older children the opportunity to participate in more after school activities because the au pair can drive them to their various Cub Scout meetings, soccer practice or sporting events. The host parents will have more quality time with the children because the au pair can clean the children’s rooms, do their laundry, and make the children’s meals.

Having an au pair offers more flexibility knowing there will always be someone home in case of last-minute plans or sickness. Since the au pair lives in the home, the host parents have freedom to go out in the evening knowing that childcare is already arranged. Leaving your children in the care of the au pair becomes natural for your children and minimizes any worries that you have about their caregiver.

For about $180 per week, an au pair can legally reside in your home for six months through a working holiday visa sponsored by AuPairWorld. All of the legal documentation is processed  before the au pair reaches your home. Most au pairs are covered under an exchange visitor health insurance plan and possess a driver’s license.