Welcome to AuPairWorld in Australia

Australia is a highly developed country that combines natural beauty with First world cities and resorts. Moreover, its economic indices, the high quality of life and its multicultural society makes it one of the favorite destinations when it comes to travel.

The Organization of the United Nations declared Australia as the second best country in the world to live, after Norway, due to their excellent quality of life indexes.

Education system

The Australian education system is recognized worldwide for its quality, is characterized by the integration of the entire territory under the same content, a common grading system and the use of latest technology.


Australians give much value to the sport and have been highlighted in various disciplines throughout history. The sports figures are considered heroes and heroines, and nearly 60% of the population practice at least one sport regularly. Over the weekend you can see thousands of people practicing their favorite sports outdoors. The most popular are the walks, swimming, aerobics-Fittness, golf and tennis, among others.

Being an Au Pair:

An Au Pair will usually get treated like a family member. You will be in a position of a big sister/brother who is taking care of their younger siblings. As it is normal that you help in the household at home so will you help in the household there. You will have your own bedroom and the family will pay for your board.

Your Duites

As an Au Pair, your primary responsibility is to look after the host family’s children. Alongside childcare you may be asked to help out with household chores as part of your duties, but these should only be light household chores, as your responsibility is to look after the children, not to clean the house.

Working hours and Pocketmoney:

Normal working hours are a min of 25 and a max of 45 hrs per week.

Your host family will give you pocket money in exchange for your help. Au pairs in Australia are paid a weekly pocket money of min $6 – $8 pr hr depending on experience. Au pairs are entitled to have their own room at their host family’s home. The family should also provide them with meals. Naturally, this also applies in case of illness or during your holidays.


As an Au Pair, you are entitled to have at least one day off per week. This day should be on a Sunday at least once every month. We suggest families to give weekends free as much as possible. You also get a minimum of 1 week paid holiday when you stay one year.  In this time you have the chance to explore Australia.