Childcare Options

Types of childcare

These are childcare options most widely used in Australia. Rates of pay vary a great deal depending on qualifications, experience, age and working hours.


Generally qualified and mostly experienced, a nanny will work either on their own (sole charge) or alongside a parent, either full or part time, fulfilling childcare dutieChilds, which include taking children to and from school and activities, tidying the areas the children use in the house, cooking nutritious meals for the children, and assisting with each of the children’s needs/developmental stages, such as toilet training, weaning and homework.
The Nanny could be expected to take sole charge and be fully responsible for babies and young children. The daily duties would be totally child related, from bathing, cooking meals, child’s laundry, tidying of playrooms/child’s bedrooms, school/nursery runs etc.
The principle responsibility is to plan activities that help the children learn and develop through play and enjoyment in a safe and caring environment.

Nanny/House Keeper

Can be qualified or simply have experience in this line of work. Usually working with older children, they would carry out everyday household duties such as cleaning, laundry and cooking meals. They would also do the school runs.

Au Pairs

Mostly foreign students who are unqualified but may have some childcare workingexperience. They would be suitable for school runs, after school care and some household duties.
They would not usually be given sole charge of young children for long periods of time.