family Mason


Family Application
Family : Mason

city: Melbourne

Family Personal Details
Total number of children in your family: 3
Ages of the kids: 2, 4, 7
Families with babies under the age of two: Please note Au pairs do not take care of infants, an Au pair is not a qualified nanny, some of our au pairs have baby experience and are willing to care a baby as long as you give her some training on her arrival and do not expect her to be fully experienced with babies as they are not nannies.

Do you need the au pair to care for your baby?


Yes No
Will you be at home?

Yes No At the beginning Part time
    Yes at the beginning Part of the time going forward
Do you need the au pair to be managing all children the whole time? At what times: Look after 2 year old during work hours on Mondays, look after the 4 and 7 year old after school on Tuesdays
If you have several children, plus a young baby, is the au pair expected to care all children and the baby? Please give details As above will be the general routine, however now and then we might need alternate hours
Father’s occupation: Financial analyst
Mother’s occupation:  Lawyer
Which language is mainly spoken at home? English
Are you a single parent? No
Is a baby expected? No
The Family Home
Describe the area you live in as some au pairs have preferences for specific regions.

what’s the nearest big city to your home.


We live in a suburb in Melbourne. We are a close train ride to the centre of the city, with lots of entertainment, cafes, shopping, restaurants and public transport easily accessed from our house.
Do you live in a Big City, Small Town or Countryside:
City Small Town Big Town The Country
The residential/ family part of a big city with parks around and lots trees      
Do you live in a remote area? If you live in a small town are there enough activities for her to do?  Not remote, there are lots of things to do!
Some au pairs may have an allergy to pet hair
Do you have any pets, if so please describe where are they kept at home
We have a puppy (just 3 months old!) He is not allowed in the bedrooms or carpeted rooms of the house, but he is allowed in the tiled-floor family room and garden (he’s not allowed on the couch!)
Please describe your home and accommodation for example number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garden, facilities such as dishwasher, swimming pool, domestic help,etc We have a 3 bedroom house plus 2 living rooms and a studio room, and a leafy garden with lots of trees and veggie patches. 2 bathrooms. We have central heating, air conditioning in all bedrooms, dishwasher, fast internet.
Please describe the Aupair’s accommodation (e.g. own bathroom, television, radio, dressing table, computer, etc) Cozy bedroom with double bed, drawers and hanging space, TV and shared bathroom.
How far is the local bus stop or train station? Very close at the end of the street.
How far is the nearest beach? We are 20 min drive or half a 40 mins tram from inner-city St Kilda beach which is popular with young international backpackers, but we also have a beach house at a popular beach town called Sorrento which we go to a lot and our aupair can come with us.
Your Requirements
Preferred starting date: (month) August / september / October – flexible
When is the latest she can arrive? Flexible date if we find the right person!
Nationalities; We are limited to a certain number of countries that au pairs, can come from. We cannot take girls from just any country as there are no au pair visas to Australia.  The applicants have to come in on a Working Holiday Visa.

The accepted countries under this visa are:

Belgium  Germany Sweden
Canada Ireland United Kingdom
Denmark Italy USA
Finland Netherlands
France Norway  
Do you require girls from an specific nationality only? if yes, which one? French speaking preferred
If yes, will you consider profiles of other nationalities? Yes we will
Will you accept a male au pair? No
Do you require an au pair with driving license? Preferred
Would you consider non driver au pairs as well? Will consider them
Light Housework
Please note that an au pair is not a housekeeper, her main duty is to care your children, to ensure the success of her stay with you is important no to over burden them.
Please mark which of these duties your au pair will be expected to do
Wash up/clear after meals some Ironing No
Prepare kids meals (not cooking for family) some Driving children maybe
laundry Some Supervise bedtime Sometimes  
Grocery shopping No Supervise homework No
Occasional Vacuum yes Bathing children Maybe/depends
Help with pets Not unless she wants to  
About the job
Please describe your family for example: active/busy/quiet,likes/dislikes, special needs, health problems We have two very fun-loving and creative little girls (ages 4 and 7). They love to write books, dress up, make up plays and dances. Our little boy is 2 and he is very happy and calm, loves to play with his toy cars. We love going on adventures, and having fun times together. We have a beach house and a farm and we love to get out of the city for weekends away.
How many hours per week would the Au pair work?

(up to 40 per week) 

Up to 40 hours a week. Some weeks we might need more help than others, but more usually around 20 hours a week.
Pocket money per week offered, minimum  weekly stipend of $7 AUD per hour $10 per hour weekdays, $20 per hour weekends
Please describe her duties and working hours from Monday to Friday: (please note that au pairs should have most weekends free to catch up with other au pairs and avoid homesick) Weekends are free time, unless we ask you for special babysitting and we will pay you $20 an hour for weekend babysitting.

Looking after 2 year old on Mondays during work hours (roughly 9-3pm);  pick the girls up from school and kinder on Tuesdays and look after them for afternoon tea (roughly 3pm-5:45pm).

Other weekly times to help out on a week-by week basis.


Would you let the au pair to study some hours during the day to improve her English? Yes for sure! Happy to work out a schedule for you for regular attendance at classes or whatever.
Any additional incentives: for example holidays, use of car, paid phone calls, help with travel fares and college fees, local activities and places of interest.  

Use of a car when it’s available, family holidays to beach/snow etc, we would love to do local activities with you and play tour guide to our wonderful country! If we travel around Australia and you want to come, we can potentially assist with the travel fares.


Au pairs are entitled to one of the following:

Au pair Bonus: End of stay bonus

In addition to the weekly pocket money, host families pay a $500 end of stay bonus, on completion of the 6 month program. 

Please provide further detail of duties if required:


I’d like help with things like picking up the toys, folding washing and putting it away, helping clean up the kitchen and dishes after meals etc.some vacuuming sometimes – things I’d like to get the kids involved with too!