family Reed


Family Application  
Family: Reed  
city: Gold Coast  
State: QLD  

Family Personal Details
Total number of children in your family: 2  
Ages of the kids: 11, 15yo  
Families with babies under the age of two: Please note Au pairs do not take care of infants, an Au pair is not a qualified nanny, some of our au pairs have baby experience and are willing to care a baby as long as you give her some training on her arrival and do not expect her to be fully experienced with babies as they are not nannies.  

Do you need the au pair to care for your baby?


Yes No
Will you be at home?

Yes No At the beginning Part time
Do you need the au pair to be managing all children the whole time? At what times:    
If you have several children, plus a young baby, is the au pair expected to care all children and the baby? Please give details    
Father’s occupation: Financial planner  
Mother’s occupation:     
Which language is mainly spoken at home? English  
Are you a single parent? Yes  
Is a baby expected? No  
The Family Home  
Describe the area you live in as some au pairs have preferences for specific regions.

what’s the nearest big city to your home.


Gold coast is renowned for world class beaches, tourism, restaurants, theme parks, public transport, warm weather, education facilities and vibrant activities.



Do you live in a Big City, Small Town or Countryside:
City Small Town Big Town The Country
Do you live in a remote area? If you live in a small town are there enough activities for her to do?  No  
Some au pairs may have an allergy to pet hair
Do you have any pets, if so please describe where are they kept at home
Yes, 3 month old non shedding labradoodle  
Please describe your home and accommodation for example number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garden, facilities such as dishwasher, swimming pool, domestic help,etc 5 bedroom large two story home. Pool, waterfront home, 3 bathroom, dishwasher.  
Please describe the Aupair’s accommodation (e.g. own bathroom, television, radio, dressing table, computer, etc) own room, air conditioning, tv, upstairs.  
How far is the local bus stop or train station? 5km – Robina  
How far is the nearest beach? 5km – Mermaid beach  
Your Requirements  
Preferred starting date: (month) August  
When is the latest she can arrive?    
Will you accept a male au pair? No  
Do you require an au pair with driving license? Yes  
Would you consider non driver au pairs as well? No  
Light Housework  
Please note that an au pair is not a housekeeper, her main duty is to care your children, to ensure the success of her stay with you is important no to over burden them.  
Please mark which of these duties your au pair will be expected to do  
Wash up/clear after meals Yes Ironing No  
Prepare kids meals (not cooking for family) Yes Driving children Yes
laundry No Supervise bedtime No
Grocery shopping No Supervise homework No
Occasional Vacuum Yes Bathing children No
Help with pets No    
About the job  
Please describe your family for example: active/busy/quiet,likes/dislikes, special needs, health problems Kids are at home about 50% of the fortnight.  Both play tennis/baseball and active after school for sporting activities  
How many hours per week would the Au pair work?

(up to 40 per week) 

30-40 weeks  
Pocket money per week offered, minimum  weekly stipend of $7 AUD per hour $10 per hour  
Please describe her duties and working hours from Monday to Friday: (please note that au pairs should have most weekends free to catch up with other au pairs and avoid homesick) 11am-7pm Monday to Friday, collecting kids from school, taking to sporting activities and bring to home, prep for dinner.  
Would you let the au pair to study some hours during the day to improve her English? Yes  
Any additional incentives: for example holidays, use of car, paid phone calls, help with travel fares and college fees, local activities and places of interest.  


Use of car, etc

Au pairs are entitled to one of the following:

Au pair Bonus: End of stay bonus

In addition to the weekly pocket money, host families pay a $500 end of stay bonus, on completion of the 6 month program.