The last step of your application

3.- A Reference letter

Why do I need to present a reference letter with my application?

A reference letter shows you have cared children and helps families know that the registered au pair is honest. This will provide them with peace of mind when welcoming the Au Pair into their home and family for the length of the placement.

A Reference letter.

Collect a minimum of 2 references written, If you don’t have one, you can download here, print out and prepare the following forms

*Please use Ctrl or shift to attach more than one

4.- Police check

Why do I need to present a Police check with my application?
It is important to ensure that your Au Pair is honest and has a clean criminal record.

Ask your local police department or other legal authority in your country to provide you with a certificate or other document stating that you do not have a criminal record and send it here if you have it ready

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If you couldn’t send one of the requested documents now, please send them in the next hours to

Our next step:

1- From the information you gave us today, we’ll create your profile to be presented to registered families

2- Please add to safe senders list the email address; as we will send you some information and profiles of families.

Please remember to email any missing documents you did not send today from this list;

1-An Introduction letter as why you would like to work as an Au pair in Australia , what is your motivation, your experience with children and aged groups.

2-Copy of your passport or any Identifications

3- A Reference letter

4- Your police check (which mentions you don’t have any criminal background in your country), apply at the police station