Why a Live-in Nanny

Although typical business hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, most families do not start or end their days at those times. Live-in nannies enable families to attend to their commitments with ease and flexibility.

Live-in nannies not only care for your loved ones on your own schedule and following your guidelines, but also help with housekeeping chores, freeing precious time to enjoy with your family.

Live-in Nanny vs. Daycare Comparison

Live-in Nanny


One-on -One attention

No individual attention

Less costly that enrolling two children in Daycare

One child enrolled fulltime in daycare can cost between $600 to $1,000/Month

No morning rush to get child dressed or evening rush to pick child up

Morning and evening rush. Must pick child up on time or charges apply

Help with household chores and cooking.

Must arrive home to prepare meals and tend to other household chores

More quality time with child and/or with spouse

Limited Quality Time with child at the end of the day

Evening, overnight and/or weekend babysitting can be easily arranged with your nanny

Daycare centers have set hours, usually 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, alternative arrangements must be made outside of these times

Child is not exposed to numerous illnesses

Child exposed to numerous illnesses

If your child is ill, there is no need to make special last minute arrangements

If your child is ill, he/she cannot attend daycare and you must make last minute arrangement or miss work

You are in control of child’s diet, napping schedule and daily activities

Child’s diet, napping schedule and daily activities decided by the daycare

Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility