Why Become an Au pair

Why become an Au pair?

As an Au pair, you will live with a host family for several months. In exchange, you will look after the children and you will help with everyday household chores. This stay in France or the country of your preference will allow you to discover new life styles, manners and culture. You will also have the opportunity to improve your language skills.

Not only is this experience a source of great personal and cultural enrichment, Au pair work is considered as a real professional opportunity in a world where frontiers are fast-disappearing.

Our commitment to you
Elite Au pairs Sydney   is a team of professionals who will help you to find an Au pair host family in Europe and Caaupair-eiffel-tower-2-small-HPnada. Our team has first hand experience of being or hosting an Au pair, so we understand your needs and aspirations. We ensure that your application file meets the necessary criteria and that your host family meets your expectations.
During your stay, we remain at your disposal for any assistance you may need (with language courses, transportation, etc.)
We provide you with an information booklet on your arrival. We organise monthly meetings, and give you a list of other Au pairs provided by our network in every country. We keep in touch with you during your stay and, acting as a personal advisor, help you make a success of your new living arrangements.


An Au pair placement is a cultural exchange program and not at all an employment contract. During your stay, you are considered as a member of the family.

Placement in Europe and Canada
We place young Au pairs from different countries, mainly in European countries and Canada.

To be accepted in our Au pair program, you must fulfill the following conditions :

point_3 be between 18 and 27 and non smoker

point_3 be unmarried with no children,

point_3 be flexible and open to new ideas,

point_3 be prepared to work 30 – 40 hours a week,

point_3 be prepared to look after children and help with simple household chores,

point_3 enjoy being with children and have a minimum amount of experience with them (babysitting, summer camps, etc.),

point_3 be prepared to commit yourself to a minimum stay of 6 to 12 months (2 to 3 months for a summer stay),

point_3 be in good health,

point_3  have a clean criminal records file.