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At Nanny Australia, we believe we can find the right childcare for you and your family. We are a nanny agency based in Beaumont Hills and cover all areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide .

At Nanny Australia we offer the complete solution to your childcare needs, including live-in or live-out nannies, full-time or part-time positions, all on either a permanent or temporary basis.
By registering with Nanny Australia, you will be assured of a truly professional caring service. We operate to very high standards within the childcare industry. All perspective candidates have face to face interviews and original copies of their paperwork and checked carefully by one of our consultants. References are checked personally by Nanny Australia. Candidates introduced to you will be of the highest calibre.

Nannies & Mothers Helps

We can provide nannies, mothers helps, live in or out, full time or part time, before and after school nannies, and maternity nurses and night nannies. At Nanny Australia all child carers a are thoroughly checked and vetted before they are sent to any interviews. This includes a one-to-one meeting with us, checking of all their qualifications, ID, reference checks and we also ensure they hold a CRB.

Nanny Jobs

If you are looking for nanny jobs, and have permission to work in Australia, we want to hear from you!

At Nanny Australia, we understand and appreciate the importance of matching a family and a nanny and we are committed to ensuring that we not only meet the needs of both sides of this relationship, but that we EXCEED it.

All of our nannies are thoroughly reference and CRB checked, and we are happy to visit you to ensure that we find the very best match for your family.

“The Wellbeing of Your family is Our priority” 


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Fees and Cost

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What is a Nanny? - A nanny, childminder, child care provider, or mother’s helper is an individual who provides care for one or more children in a family as a service. A Nanny is employed by the family on either a live-in or live-out basis to undertake all tasks related to the care of children.
Duties are generally restricted to child care and the domestic tasks related to child care. A Nanny may or may not have had any formal training though often has a good deal of actual experience. A nanny”s working week ranges from forty to sixty hours per week. 

Personal service for a competitive fee

We are proud to be local and offer a high level of personal service, whatever your needs. For parents we charge a low, one-off placement fee if you decide to hire one of our nannies.

All candidates are CRB checked and interviewed in person before we put them forward for parents’ consideration.

Nanny Australia  prides itself on its word of mouth reputation from many happy parents, so please contact us today to find out how we can help you too.

Nanny Australia- A Professional Nanny Agency

  • All of our nannies are fully screened, reference checked and personally interviewed & have permission to work in AustraliaNanny jobs - Nanny Australia
  • We provide a personal, one to one personal consultation
  • Full advice on every aspect of employing a nanny
  • Before & after school nannies
  • Live in or out nannies or mothers help, full or part time
  • Nanny-housekeepers
  • Night nannies
  • Maternity nurses & night nannies


  • Be reassured all our childcarers have been personally interviewed
  • All documentation is thoroughly scanned.
  • References are verbally checked.
  • Criminal Record Bureau – enhanced disclosures obtained.

Nanny Australia will arrange a selection of prospective childcarers for you to interview at your convenience. We have no registration fee – our placement fee becomes applicable only after the placement has commenced and we have established with both Client and Nanny the match is compatible. We are happy to offer advice on salary structure and offer a suggested contract to all our clients. We pride ourselves with our after placement care and are always willing to give that extra support which makes Bright Eyes unrivalled.


We look forward to meeting you.

We will need to see your

  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Childcare Certificates – Originals
  • First Aid Certificates
  • CRB Check
  • CV.
  • References

We are informal and will ensure your interview with us is enjoyable, informative and not too time consuming.  When it is difficult  to arrange interviews during working hours we will try to facilitate your needs.

We will assist you with interviewing techniques, and offer full details on prospective positions and advise on salary structure, and conditions of employment.

We pride ourselves on our after placement service, and are always available for extra support, to ensure a happy placement.

Nannies-Au pairs vs. Daycare

Our comparison below examines how the different alternatives fulfil the most pressing needs of today’s modern family.

location_1Convenient Location

There’s no place like home. With live-in childcare provided by a nanny, you no longer have to juggle coordinating the nanny’s schedule or a nanny share, and you can skip the rush of daycare drop off and pick up.

ratio_0Adult to Child Ratio

Your child will receive more focused attention with a nanny, as the ratio is based solely on the size of your family. Daycares have higher caregiver to child ratios that may be good for children as they approach school age but can be overwhelming for some younger children.


Au Pair care costs just under $7 an hour, regardless of the number of children in your family. The rates for nannies and daycares are typically set based on the number of children being cared for, with daycares providing little or no discounts for enrolling multiple children in their care.

flexibility_0Flexible Schedule

Nannies work up to 40-45 hours per week on a child care schedule that you set with them, giving you flexibility week to week.  Daycares typically have set schedules and may charge extra fees for late pickups or schedule changes.

culture_0Cultural Exchange

Au pairs are unmatched when it comes to cross cultural and language learning opportunities for your children and your family. While this is central to the au pair program, it is a benefit that can be very difficult – and expensive! – to find with the typical nanny or daycare.


Since nannies provide live-in childcare, they are able to help with things many other caregivers may not, like preparing children’s meals, assisting them in getting ready for the day or for bedtime, taking them on outings including lessons and play dates, and so much more.


The Wellbeing of Your family is Our priority