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Nanny Australia – Apply today as Aupair in Australia

Nanny Australia is a cultural exchange program and offers 2 categories: Nanny Australia live In and Nanny Australia live Out.

Our agency Elite Au pairs is an employment agency for Au pairs, nannies and Australian families.

What is an Au pair? – An au pair is a young adult from another country who lives with your family for up to 6 months and provides in-home childcare. Au pairs work up to 40 hours per week, in exchange for the opportunity to live with an Australian family. 

Become a host family

In receiving a young Au pair – Nanny in Australia, you are choosing  quality of life and the solution that allows you to enjoy both your family life and professional life in complete serenity.
For several months, you will share your family life with a reliable person who will look after your kids and help with the household duties. A young Au pair / Nanny in Australia solves the eternal problem of child-care while offering all members of the family an ongoing opportunity for cultural exchange.

Because we consider the specificity of each family, we present you with a shortlist of suitable candidates, and help you to host your young Au pair under the best possible conditions.

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What is a Nanny? – A nanny, childminder, child care provider, or mother’s helper is an individual who provides care for one or more children in a family as a service. A Nanny Australia is employed by the family on either a live-in or live-out basis to undertake all tasks related to the care of children. Duties are generally restricted to child care and the domestic tasks related to child care. A Nanny may or may not have had any formal training though often has a good deal of actual experience. A nanny”s working week ranges from forty to sixty hours per week. 

A Nanny arrangement can include:

  • Live In Nanny   – a nanny who lives in your home
  • Live Out Nanny  – a nanny that comes to your house each day

Au Pairs vs. Nannies vs. Daycare

Au pairs, nannies, and daycare centers, oh my! There are many considerations to weigh when deciding which childcare option is best for you.

Our comparison below examines how the different alternatives fulfil the most pressing needs of today’s modern family.

location_1Convenient Location

There’s no place like home. With live-in childcare provided by an au pair, you no longer have to juggle coordinating the nanny’s schedule or a nanny share, and you can skip the rush of daycare drop off and pick up.

ratio_0Adult to Child Ratio

Your child will receive more focused attention with an au pair or nanny, as the ratio is based solely on the size of your family. Daycares have higher caregiver to child ratios that may be good for children as they approach school age but can be overwhelming for some younger children.


Au Pair care costs just under $7 an hour, regardless of the number of children in your family. The rates for nannies and daycares are typically set based on the number of children being cared for, with daycares providing little or no discounts for enrolling multiple children in their care.

flexibility_0Flexible Schedule

Au pairs and nannies work up to 40-45 hours per week on a child care schedule that you set with them, giving you flexibility week to week.  Daycares typically have set schedules and may charge extra fees for late pickups or schedule changes.

culture_0Cultural Exchange

Au pairs are unmatched when it comes to cross cultural and language learning opportunities for your children and your family. While this is central to the au pair program, it is a benefit that can be very difficult – and expensive! – to find with the typical nanny or daycare.


Since au pairs provide live-in childcare, they are able to help with things many other caregivers may not, like preparing children’s meals, assisting them in getting ready for the day or for bedtime, taking them on outings including lessons and play dates, and so much more.

As a cultural exchange organisation,  Elite Au pairs give young Australian girls the opportunity to work in a different country and gives Australian families the opportunity to host a young Au pair/Nanny in Australia.

The Au pair experience

Elite Au pairs Sydney is an employment agency for Au pairs located in Australia and overseas.
As an Au pair, you will live with a host family for several months. In exchange, you will look after the children and you will help with everyday household duties.

au pair london

Our Gap Year for Australian girls

Have you been dreaming of a gap year but worried about finding work? Can’t afford the cost of living overseas? Then our gap year program through our nanny agency is right for you! Read more about the Benefits of being an Au pair – Nanny  with our agency. Our Canada Gap year program fee’s for Au pairs start from $400 dollars. You can work as an Au pair in France, London, Spain, Australia and many other places.

NEW -To all our candidates we are offering FREE access to our Online Au pair and Nanny Training Course valued at $150, plus Certificate of Completion

Read more about our Online Au pair and Nanny Training Course

Our agency guarantee’s you a job and accommodation before you begin to travel. All you have to do is decide where you would like to be an Au pair – Nanny! Some of the following places that you may decide include; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto and many more. Wish you could get paid to travel? Apply today as Aupair

Elite Au Pairs Sydney offers a unique Gap Year Program for young, smart, caring English speakers to become Au pairs in Europe, Canada and USA. Our program uses a one-on-one, personalized approach to finding you an Au pair job with an appropriate and welcoming host family.

Host families are looking to welcome Au pairs into their homes. They are looking for you to share your skills and your interests and help their children learn English. In exchange, they will help you discover their country and benefit from a rich international cultural experience.

Elite Au pairs, what kind of agency is it?

As a cultural exchange organisation, Elite Au pairs Sydney is the first employment agency for Au pairs in Australia.

  • We work in close association with a network of agencies throughout the world.
  • We assist families from different cities and towns to find and host an Au pair.

Each placement entails the following steps :

  • Strict selection of Au pair candidates and host families thanks to our network of international partners.
  • Accurate definition of the family’s and the young au pair’s needs.
  • Matching up the criteria and aspirations of each party .
  • Providing assistance to the family and to the Au pair with regard to the necessary formalities (visa, work permit, insurance, social security, language schools..).
  • Following the family and the au pair throughout their stay with the family.

A meaningful  and exciting Gap year experience.